“To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn”

DSC_2617“Ya know, those trees have to come down,”  our 85 year old, farmer neighbor Mr. Tinsley told us shortly after we moved here.  Uh, o.k.   Then we read about the same kind of work being done by the county, for safety reasons, in the Transylvania Times.  Hmmmm.   Then there was the fact that we couldn’t grow anything here because we got no sun, and those giant beasts were hanging precipitously over the edge of our yard toward the road below.  So, we made the call.  Knowing that Mr. JR Newman was going to recycle the trees at a local family owned saw mill made up our mind for us and now the deed is done.  Think we’re going to buy some of our own milled wood back from Piney Mountain Sawmill to complete the story.  Maybe it will be used to build a new barn!




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