On The Fly

DSC_5639Wearing borrowed  waders, boots, and fishing vest I flicked the bright green “inch worm” into Humble Hole with my fly rod.  As a child I fished saltwater with my father , but this was my first attempt at fly fishing after enrolling in a class at the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education.

“Why do they call it Humble Hole?”, I asked my instructor John. “Because you can see the trout but it’s darned hard to catch one”. Matt, another instructor, chimed in, “these fish have seen so many flies they can tell you which store they bought it from”.

I did manage to get one on the line, but it shook off the hook after a few what seemed like minutes of fighting.  John reminded me that this section of the river is catch and release only.  “You just had an early release”, he added with a grin.

The lessons are free and I’m hooked!

p.s.  since turnabout is fair play, somebody leaning over the bridge aiming their camera at me asked what the biggest fish I ever caught was.

I’ll let him know when it happens

The youngest member of our class caught a nice trout.


At Humble Hole.


John showing how it’s done.


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