Local Girl Makes Good

DSC_8864Brevard native Melissa Brown worked from home writing blogs for businesses. During her vacation Melissa had a brainstorm, “My brain opened up, I wish there was a place where I could work and then come home and enjoy my living room. It’s hard to turn off at the end of the day and not be answering e-mails at nine at night.”

The day after returning she saw the space where her company is now located. “It all happened very fast, saw the place at the beginning of April, and had the keys on the 27th and we were beginning to work on it”. With her father’s help she installed a conference room and kitchen, decorated the walls with the work of local artists. Large tables, cozy work nooks and hot coffee create an inviting work environment.

As Melissa says, it’s “Better than the library, you can take a phone call and not get stink eye”. She also noted that some folks just like to be around other people when they are working rather than being home alone.

She has other plans too, “I hope the space will grow to be used for events. After 5:30 and weekends it’s fair game. I think a local artist could have a show here, at a price a starving artist could afford”.

Melissa summed up her feelings about her venture, “I want Brevard to be a great place to live and work, not just retire”.

Stop by Mountain Life CoWorking,  120 W. Main St., Brevard 828-407-0510 and get some work done!








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