Tinsley Road Water Works Limited

A trickling stream which percolates it’s way down the mountain behind us brings water to our house.  On occasion, usually after a big rain, the water stops coming, with no warning other than a longer than usual straining pump noise.  Come along for the fun of fixin’ the faucet!

DSC_4712Our “spring box” where the water from up the mountain is collected.

DSC_4676Further up the hill is the overflow indicating the pipe is clogged with small rocks and gravel.

DSC_4680Pulling the pipe off  to clear it out.

DSC_4682Putting the pipes back together after cleaning them out.

DSC_4681Once the pipes are clear we get good flow. DSC_4685Salamanders in the first filter!

DSC_4709Checking the flow into the settling tank.

DSC_4705Good flow now that everything is cleaned out.

DSC_4707The water from the settling tank flows into the storage cistern.

Now we just have to clean the filters down at the house and we are good to go until the next storm.


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