Highway Robbery

You know how they say “go west, young man?”  Well, we did just that on Saturday morning.  Of course, by the time you get to Sapphire you’re starving and the smell of  ‘Cue was in the air so we pulled over, just like this fella.


While I’m standin’ there talkin’ to Sid the vegetable man in the same parking lot, Tom goes over to place our orders.   He comes back sooner than expected and says, “the guy says it’s twenty four dollars for two sandwich plates.”  “That’s impossible,”  I say incredulously.  Sid says he doesn’t know how the guy stays in business.  But, we’re so hungry we get one and split it.  Food doesn’t come easy out that way.  Except if you want some of Sid’s nice looking vegetables.


So, here’s what twelve dollars looks like in Sapphire.  That guy could use some stiff competition from a couple of food trucks.  I think it still says “sucker” on our foreheads!


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