Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Cataloochee Valley in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is remote according to an article we read.  And, it is.  One way in and out, unless you want to go by way of Tennessee.  But that doesn’t deter folks who want to see the beauty the Valley has to offer.  Scattered old settlement buildings allow self-guided insights into the past.








DSC_0740Then, there is the other attraction, which appears to be over the moon popular.  Cars arrive loaded for the long haul of an all day stay, or perhaps come for the early or late show.  Either way you are practically guaranteed to see and hear elk during their fall mating season, according to a photographer from Tennessee who knew the ropes.  “They’re not in full rut yet,” he told us.  As an aside, the Tennessee gent has also visited Brevard to capture our white squirrels in action.  The cars kept coming, each claiming their space at the edge of a large field.  Because we didn’t want to take photos of  multitudes of vehicles, below is a meager offering.

DSC_0708Lacking dinner provisions and feeling a bit claustrophobic, we took some short strolls and photos and enjoyed the opening act of a flock of wild turkeys.  What’s that expression?  Oh yes, Prior planning prevents poor performance.  Sigh.


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