The Gift Of Giving

We can’t say it any better than Mary Adams did about this inspiring program.  Please read on.


I’m sorry I didn’t get to personally meet you and thank you for sharing the great joy of The Christmas Project. It was begun six years ago by St. Philip’s as a way for the children of the Boys & Girls Club, Rise & Shine and El Centro to experience the joy of giving. These children are able to select two important adults in their lives (parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, teachers, other caregivers, etc.) and select a gift container for each. The children are so proud to be able to actually give gifts and say thank you and Merry Christmas to these special adults in their lives. While most of these children receive gifts through the efforts of local charities, to be able to give brings a special reward as well.

We (St. Philip’s) are working to expand participation with many of the other churches in Brevard as the need for gift items grows each year. This year we prepared 750 gift containers, each containing 5 gift items plus a Christmas ornament. That was almost 4000 items collected or purchased. Thankfully people who have long since cleaned out their closets of gently used items are willing to make cash donations that enable us to purchase any additional items needed.

Most of all, the joy received by the many volunteers equals that of the children. There are tasks for everyone. From collecting, packaging jewelry, to making gift tags, baking hundreds and hundreds of cookies, to creating the gift containers, to setting up and decorating, to loaning tablecloths, to picking up balloons, to acting as party hosts, to shepherding the children as they shop to wrapping the gifts, to hauling all the gifts/tables/materials back and forth from the church to the Boys & Girls Club, to cleaning up, to. . . . you get the idea. There were over 200 volunteers cheerfully doing each and every one of these important tasks.

Thanks again for helping us spread the word. Hopefully this will find even more volunteers for next year. If anyone wants more info, please tell them to email us at christmas.project2015@gmail for the remainder of this year and christmas.project2016@gmail anytime next year.

And, of course, they can always contact me at the numbers/email below.

Merry Christmas from all of us at St. Philip’s.

Mary L. Adams
P 828-884-7292
C 828-507-5433








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