This Old House?

Does anybody know the history of this old house on Rt 64 just past Crab Creek Rd with the Ten Commandments tablets out front ?



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  1. Katie Lobdell Lee

    That is the Evan and Catherine Talley House. Built around 1880. Evan Talley was born in 1838 and as a young boy, he came with the Picklesimer family from Clayton, GA, to this section of WNC. In 1865, he married Catherine Picklesimer. ( I have the Transylvania book, The Architectural History Of A Mountain County. By Laura A.W. Phillips and Deborah Thompson.)

  2. Patti Whitaker

    I have information on this house . This is my great, great grandfathers home place . My mother and son can give u all the info u might need .

  3. Kerri Morgan Jervis

    This house belonged to my grandfather and still remains in the family.

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